Huanqiu Valves Group Acquires Sinoact Co., Ltd.


Huanqiu Valves Group, one of the leading valve manufacturers in China, has announced the acquisition of Sinoact Co., Ltd., a premier manufacturer and supplier of valve actuation systems. The acquisition has positioned Huanqiu Valves Group as one of the largest and best-equipped valve actuation system manufacturers in China.

The acquisition brings together two market leaders with complementary capabilities. Huanqiu Valves Group is renowned for producing high-quality valves for multiple industries, while Sinoact Co., Ltd. is well known for developing and manufacturing innovative valve automation and control systems.

The acquisition provides Huanqiu Valves Group with immediate access to Sinoact Co., Ltd.’s expertise in valve automation systems, which will allow Huanqiu Valves Group to offer more comprehensive and advanced valve solutions to its customers. The acquisition also complements Huanqiu Valves Group’s existing capabilities in terms of engineering, manufacturing, design and service, making it a more versatile and complete valve solutions provider in the industry.

Furthermore, the acquisition of Sinoact Co., Ltd. will enable Huanqiu Valves Group to deliver a more complete package of products and services to customers in the oil & gas, chemical, power, and water treatment industries across China and around the world. Customers will benefit from the expertise of the two companies, which will offer integrated valve and automation solutions that are specifically tailored to meet their needs.

The acquisition will also provide Huanqiu Valves Group with a unique opportunity to enhance its research and development capabilities. Sinoact Co., Ltd. is renowned for its expertise in developing innovative valve actuation technologies such as Pneumatic Actuators, Hydraulic Actuators, and Electric Actuators, which will further enhance Huanqiu Valves Group's existing R&D activities.

Furthermore, the acquisition will create multiple benefits for the industry as a whole. The consolidated company will be able to leverage its scale and reach to better serve clients and customers, improve supply chain efficiencies and enjoy lower costs, ensuring better quality control and delivery options for consumers.

In summary, the acquisition of Sinoact Co., Ltd. by Huanqiu Valves Group is a significant milestone for the valve industry. The two companies' combined capabilities, technologies and expertise will enable integration of advanced solutions for valve intelligence, control and automation, offering more benefits to the customers. The acquisition will greatly enhance Huanqiu Valves Group's position as an industry leader, perfectly poised to take advantage of new market opportunities and provide superior performance for all of its stakeholders including the industry, the clients and the customers.


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